Memories and Demons after thoughts

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It is very exciting to have your own solo show, a recognition of all your hard work and a validation of your chops as an artist with something to say. The time and effort that goes into mounting a gallery show seems to consist of an endless round of questions to be answered and decisions to be made. This show happened very fast, and I only had a month to prepare for it. I had a team of people helping me, but the final decisions and outcome rested squarely on me, it was my name in BIG vinyl letters, and my giant sized images that would be viewed and judged. I lived on the knives edge of anticipation for both the opening and closing receptions, and was graftified they were both well attended. Now that that show has closed, the images put in storage, I am yesterdays news. What goes up must come down. The next step must be decided, and the show must be pushed forward so new eyes can see it. A gallery show is no guarantee of anything to follow. The hard work of advertising and “selling” the show begins in ernest now while there is still some momentum. I have decided that this is what i will be blogging about in the months to come.