Memories and Demons Afterthoughts Blog #2

Working Pix Tea

In the past week I have read many article on line about selling your art, running photography business on line, 20 things you need to do to be represented by a gallery, do you need an artist rep, how to find your audience, how to do a successful instagram campaign and many others to numerous to list. There is a glut of “how to’s” but they all boil down to this… Don’t be discouraged about not being successful right away. Do your art because you love it and you are driven to do it. Get people to see it, listen to feedback, but be true to yourself. If money is your objective, you have to take a different path to success. if you want recognition, your path will be different but equally as hard. You have to really NOT be able to be happy doing anything else, and just keep plugging along, producing work that is meaningful to you. That’s my goal this week, to not be discouraged because my gallery show did not bring instant anything…. fame or fortune. But I am still a photographer, so I need to take photographs and keep working.