Memories and Demons





Artist’s Statement

Childhood memories are not always happy ones. Domestic violence, loss of a parent, alcoholism, and neglect are just some of the situations that can scar young innocents and which cross all economic or geographical boundaries. I wanted to photograph this extensive repository of anguish, using dolls to evoke the fear, loneliness, and anger that all children, at times, experience.

I used older style dolls with cloth bodies to represent the very young in situations that portray sad and painful memories. The aged, cracked patina of their faces signifies the trauma and scars they endure and their expressions gave me a starting point for their sto-ries.

MEMORIES AND DEMONS memorializes the challenging and difficult situations that leave young children feeling helpless and vulnerable. These photographs are based on my earliest recollections, as well as stories told to me during my research for this project. There is universality to the wounds that young people feel, wounds that can haunt them forever.

– Kathy Curtis Cahill
July 2015

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