Moon Light Fantasies

Baywood Pine

Artist’s Statement

Moon Light Fantasies is a collection of fantastical environments featuring the moon that combines many of my personal interests: graphic art, with it’s simple, bold, brightly colored images that so readily draw the viewer in, the science fiction and fantasy I am fond of reading, and night itself, my favorite time to shoot. The lack of light creates an eerie, mystical atmosphere that daylight cannot offer. Most importantly, the moon, in whatever phase, that automatically draws the eye upward to the heavens, a bright orb in the sky that so influences all life on Earth. It is no mere coincidence it is my astrological sign.

All of these elements came together in creating this series of full moons rising in black skies, revealing vividly colored landscapes below. It may seem to be a bit of a contradiction, as the moon is not bright enough to illuminate color, nor can the human eye perceive it. However, I am more interested in creating fantasy than in presenting reality. Imagination is the domain of the artist and the delight of the viewer.

– Kathy Curtis Cahill
May 2018

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