Night Echoes

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No No No

Artist’s Statement

Light changes the way we perceive the world around us, light revealing, dark concealing. I am interested in applying this to my photography by shooting city scenes at night.

Daytime reveals all the store window displays as they are meant to be seen, with mannequins representing humans displayed in a tableau designed for commercial ends, to sell merchandise.

At night, with only selective areas lit in these windows, the displays often take on a different meaning that the one intended. What the daylight reveals is often hidden in the shadows, with bright lights emphasizing other areas not otherwise called to our attention. The unintentional result of this is another story altogether different that the one intended. Reflections from the surrounding area into the window alter what we see, giving it a surreal quality if looked at from my perspective. This is what I try to capture in these photographs, an altered perception of an otherwise mundane window display, an interesting story revealed in a dreamlike world after dark.

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